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Moong (Mung bean) News - Rabi Pulses Sowing Area Decreases by 3.72%25
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Rabi Pulses Sowing Area Decreases by 3.72%

According to the recent release by Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, farmers have covered 73.25 lakh ha area under Rabi pulses as on 18th November, 2022, down by 3.72% from 76.07 lakh ha. same time last year. Under the pulses, Chana has been sown in 52.57 lakh ha, slightly down 0.50% from 52.83 lakh ha, Lentil in 8.19 lakh ha, down by 7.4% from 8.85 lakh ha, Peas in 5.11 lakh ha, down by 22.38% from 6.58, Urad in 1.87 lakh ha, down by 6% from 1.99 lakh ha, Moong in 0.24 lakh ha, down by 33.77% from 0.35, same time last year. As per AgriWatch, Masur area is likely to increase by 10 to 15% this year while that of Chana is likely to reduce by 10-12%. Chana area in MP and UP may divert towards some more lucrative crop like Wheat, Mustard Seed etc.