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Red Chillies News - Red Chilli Byadgi Market Update and AgriWatch Expectation
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Red Chilli Byadgi Market Update and AgriWatch Expectation

At Byadgi market in Haveri, Dabbi Dlx Local is trading lower at INR 33,500-40,900 per quintal, down by 1.45% from last day. Estimated market supply was at 5,000 quintals, down by 4,000 quintals as compared to previous day. Red Chilli KDL Deluxe (Local) is trading weak at INR 33,000-36,000 per quintal, down by 2.7% from previous trading day. Red Chilli KDL Best(Local) is quoted at INR 30,000-32,000 per quintal, steady as compared to previous close. Red Chilli 2043 is trading weak at INR 28,000-32,000 per quintal,down by 3.03% as against previous day.
5531 Best is trading at INR 21,000-25,000 per quintal, steady against previous close. KDL Fatki is trading high at INR 4,200-5,500 per quintal, up by 10% as compared to previous trading day.
As per trade sources, in Karnataka Bellary district, state Govt. have suggested the farmers less area for Chilli sowing due to virus issues and more focus on Cotton and Maize crop during current kharif season. But, still farmers are doing Chilli sowing due to better prices compare to last year, however as per latest report Red Chilli sowing area percentage is less. Farmers are fearful about virus issues as some Green Chilli plants (flowering stage) are affected. AgriWatch expects sowing area likely to go down current year.