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Jeera (Cumin seed) News - Red Chilli Market Highlights
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Red Chilli Market Highlights

From 1st Jan to 17th Jan 2022, red chilli supply in the Guntur market is reported to add up to around 0.023 million tonnes as compared to last year’s same period supply of 0.021 million tonnes, up by 10.53% as cold storage supply continued in the spot market with new crop supply. 
At Guntur market, Red Chilli NCDEX Quality is trading at Rs. 1,40,000-1,50,000 per tonnes, and LCA 334 is offered at Rs. 1,50,000-1,65,000 per tonnes. 
Agriwatch expect, in the coming days quality arrivals will improve as current moisture level 10% and 12% will come down and demand will be good from masala industries. Further, good  demand  for premium variety in coming months will support the prices.