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Red Chilli Market Sentiment

Red Chilli Cold storage stocks reported lower at Guntur spot market in the current season. As per trade sources, as of now, cold storage stocks are around 48 lakh bags (1 bag = 40 Kgs) and total stocks in Andhra Pradesh is around 63 to 66 lakh bags compared to 77–78 lakh bags last year during the same period. On an average 10 to 12 thousand bags are being stored in cold storage on a daily basis. 
Farmers and Stockists are continuously storing the best quality at cold storage in expectation of further rise in prices after summer vacation which is likely to start from May second week for a one month. AgriWatch expects, after summer vacation Guntur market prices likely to move up by INR 2,000 -2,500 per quintal. It is advised to buy before summer vacation at Guntur market.