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Red Chillies News - Red Chilli prices continued to trade at higher levels
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Red Chilli prices continued to trade at higher levels

As we mentioned earlier, there are good demand for premium quality red chilli in domestic as well as in export markets and hence Red Chilli NCDEX Quality opened firm at INR 26,000-27,000 per quintal, up by 3.85% from previous day.
As prices are trading at higher sides, farmers and stockists are  continuously releasing their stocks on getting good prices and market supply was reported at 60,000 bags out of which 75% are of Teja variety and except Teja all other varieties are of very short supply in the virtue of which Teja variety took some correction of 2.17% from previous day and trading at INR 20,000-22,500 per quintal but still trading at higher levels up by almost 80% from the previous year. on good demand in the market.  
Currently, there is a very good demand of 334 quality from Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka  and hence it is trading at  INR 28,000-29,000 per quintal up by almost 200% from the previous year.