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Wheat News - Retail prices of Wheat and its Flour rose by 11%25 and 16%25 respectively since January
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Retail prices of Wheat and its Flour rose by 11% and 16% respectively since January

Retail prices of Wheat in the domestic market have risen by almost 11% and Wheat flour which is costlier is trading at 16% higher since January. Furthermore, there is no indication of cooling down unless a new crop arrives or some intervention by the Government by releasing stock in OMSS. Wheat prices are rising with the passing days as the crop was affected by a heatwave in March-April. Only 30-35% of miller’s demand is so far met till now which is one of the reasons for rising prices. The average price of Wheat was traded at Rs.31.13 per kg up by Rs.28 in January and Wheat flour at Rs.36.36 per kg up from Rs.31.30 in January.