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Turmeric News - South West Monsoon Update (SWM)
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South West Monsoon Update (SWM)

As per the latest update of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the SW Monsoon (SWM) so far has covered the entire southern part of the country along with eastern, NE state and most of the parts of Madhya Pradesh and southern Gujarat region. The pre-monsoon showers have covered almost the entire Rajasthan except some parts of central and southern Rajasthan. As on June 26th, the cumulative rainfall % departure country as a whole, again came down to -7% which reached at break even on June 22nd (at par with normal).
After a decent revival and progress of SWM, it seems that the monsoon has taken a pause and due to which the progress over the remaining part of the country mainly over the Central, NW and Western part of the country is sluggish. However, as per the latest report from the weather department it is likely that by the end of June to early July, the SWM will revive again and likely to cover the remaining part of the country.
Meanwhile, despite the fact the SWM has covered the entire southern state of the country, the distribution of rainfall is uneven especially over Maharashtra, Eastern Part of the country along with some parts of Karnataka etc. and several districts needed the rains to take up the Kharif sowing activity. So, the coming 7-10 days will remain very crucial for sowing activity. Less or uneven rains may adversely affect the sowing activity and less rains may also have an impact on early planted crops (planted after pre-monsoon showers).