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Tur (Pigeon Pea) News - Tur Area Trails By 13.5%25
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Tur Area Trails By 13.5%

According to the Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare recent data, Kharif Tur sowing continued to gain momentum in all States including Maharashtra. Farmers have covered 36.111 lakh ha as on 29th July, 2022. It is down by around 13.5% from 41.75 lakh hectare same time last year. In Karnataka, Tur has been sown in 11.49 lakh hectare area, down by 10% from 12.733 lakh ha. while in Maharashtra sowing has been paged at 11.12 lakh hectare, down by 11% from 12.51 lakh ha same period last year. Telangana and UP have covered around 1.88 lakh ha and 2.28 lakh ha area respectively under Tur.