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Tur (Pigeon Pea) News - Tur Cash Market Likely to Trade weak
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Tur Cash Market Likely to Trade weak

As expected, Tur cash market continued to trade weak and the pressure on price may continue. The low offtake, closure of markets and around 8.4 LMT import during last financial year pressurized Tur markets. Import volume was recorded at 55,000 MT in the last three weeks of April, the first three weeks of the new financial year. Availability is good and the prices may decrease further as the import flow would continue. Notably, the extended timeline for Tur import for a year up-to 31st March -2023 has capped the upward movement in cash market. Regular supply from the overseas markets is expected now as per requirement throughout the year. With this changed import policy, stockists of Tur may not hold their Tur stocks for a longer time. It would ensure a regular supply from the overseas and local stockists. So, any spike is unlikely. Normal trade is expected, at a range of Rs 100- 150 up or down from current prices, in the coming weeks. The other price driving forces would be the sowing area and Monsoon rains. If farmers shift some area to Soybean, price rise may be higher. The normal Monsoon is expected this year too.