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Tur (Pigeon Pea) News - Tur Cash Market Traded Up by 1 to 5%25 During Last Week
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Tur Cash Market Traded Up by 1 to 5% During Last Week

Tur cash market tradeed up by 1.5 to 5.30%, on an average, in various markets during the week under review. Prices moved up by Rs 100 to 7300 in Gulbarga market while Lemon Tur in Mumbai increased by Rs 350 to Rs 6950.It traded up by Rs300 to Rs6800 in Indore market. Fear of area loss in Maharashtra, continuous rains in Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra & Gujarat have lent support to cash Tur market. Apart from it, the increased quotes in Myanmar by $40 to $895 have encouraged strong sentiment to continue. Import volume is low and stockists have started restricting selling sensing prices to go up. New crop from African countries would not be available before Sep, so prices may move up by 200-300 from current level. The rise may be even higher and cross the level of Rs7500 If rains continue to disturb sowing activities. Area is already down by 20 % so far.