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Tur (Pigeon Pea) News - Tur sowing likely to decrease on lower ruminative realization
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Tur sowing likely to decrease on lower ruminative realization

As the prices of Tur is hovering in limited range, farmers may prefer to reduce Tur area by 10 to 15% this year. They may prefer to sow more Cotton, Maize, Paddy and other lucrative crops in the summer season. Farmers may maintain similar area in Soybean, while area under Maize, Paddy and Cotton may increase by 10 to 15 %. Monsoon rains might be the crucial factor for sowing in states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Right now, loss in sown areas seems very much on the card based on farmers pre-sowing intentions. Demand for dal is weak and is unlikely to improve suddenly amid the continuous supply from import and domestic sources. Tur cash market traded down by 1 to 1.5 % in various markets except Indore where it moved up by 5% due to a sudden spurt in local demand during last week. Firm momentum is unlikely to continue in Indore. Tur market may continue to trade at the current level this week too. Prices may recover by Rs 200-250 by 1st week of June, by then Monsoon rains in the growing region should start and define the future. Demand for dal is weak. As the processing cost is increasing, price should improve.