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Maize (Corn) News - Ukraine corn stays in fields during winter
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Ukraine corn stays in fields during winter

As per news reports, Corn can theoretically be harvested in the winter or the first few weeks of spring, although historically, farmers would only leave very small patches of the crop to overwinter if they wished to lower the grain's moisture content. With about 42 million tonnes of corn harvested in 2021, Ukraine is a significant producer and exporter of corn worldwide. According to estimates, this year's crop may amount to 27.5 million to 27.9 million tonnes. Due to low domestic pricing, challenges with field work brought on by the conflict, and high fuel expenses, it was looking more and more likely that a sizable portion of the corn crop would remain in the fields this winter .Only 50% of the corn-sown acreage in Ukraine, or 12.3 million tonnes, had been harvested as of November 17.