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Cotton News - White fly attacks cotton crop in Punjab.
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White fly attacks cotton crop in Punjab.

As per the Punjab Agriculture Department, white fly attack was observed in 751 fields across the state. In around 370 fields, the white fly presence had crossed the economic threshold level (ETL), i.e. over 50% of the inspected crop is in danger. In the previous season, Pink bollworm infestation has damaged around 4 lakh acres out of 6.22 lakh acres of total cotton area. The major cotton growing belts in Punjab includes Bathinda, Fazilka, Mansa, Mukatsar, Moga, Barnala, Sangrur and Faridkot. As per the market sources, there is a heavy white fly attack in Bathinda and Mansa and around 50% of the crop is under danger. Lack of rain in Mansa and parts of Bathinda, Fazilka and Muktsar is said to be the cause behind this attack.