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Black Pepper News - World Pepper Price Scenario
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World Pepper Price Scenario

The world pepper prices last week (June 6 - June 10) reacted differently, only Vietnam's pepper price recorded a decline. Specifically, in South Asia, Indian pepper prices remained stable after the previous 4 weeks of decline. The country's domestic black pepper is from 6,350 to 6,364 USD/ton; FOB black pepper price at Kochi port is from 6,608 to 6,621 USD/ton.
In Sri Lanka, pepper prices increased after 4 weeks of silence. The country's domestic black pepper increased 1%, from $4,760/ton to $4,821/ton.
In Southeast Asia, Indonesian white pepper prices continued to trend positively. Meanwhile, the price of Indonesian black pepper was stable due to lack of stock and few transactions in the market. Specifically, the country's domestic black pepper is from 3,374 to 3,378 USD/ton; white pepper increased 1%, from 5,646 to 5,688 USD/ton; FOB black pepper price at Lampung port 4,014 – 4,019 USD/ton; FOB white pepper price at Pinang port increased 1%, from 6,523 to 6,570 USD/ton.
Meanwhile, Malaysian pepper prices in domestic and international markets have been stable since mid-May 2022. Domestic black pepper price is from 4,115 to 4,128 USD/ton; domestic white pepper 5,882 – 5,900 USD/ton; FOB price of black pepper at Kuching port is 5,900 USD/ton for 500g/l; FOB price of white pepper at Kuching port is at $7,600/ton.
Source - VPA