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Tight Supply Side For Tur Might Be Seen In Myanmar In 2022 Despite a Big Jump In Local Production

The OATA Myanmar Panel Discussion on Tur and Urad gave some useful information regarding production,demandand proce outlook for both the commodities on 07th Jan-2022. As per  Anant Chhajed,general manager of Swiss Singapore overseas P(LTD),Myanmar. Tur opening stock continued to decline from 80,000 MT in 2020 to  70,000 MT in 2021. It declined further to 10,000 MT in 2022 in Myanmar.According to Anant Chhajed Production in Myanmar is expected to increase more than double to 2.5 lakh MT in 2022  from 1.1 lakh MT in 2021.Tur production in Myanmar in 2020 was registered at 1.75 lakhMT.at export front Myanmar had exported 1.85 lakh MT tur in 2020. It decreased to 1.70 lakh MT  in 2021. However this year export may increase to 2 lakh MT.At carryout stock front the season2021 ended with 10,000 MT. It shows that supply side would remain tight in Myanmar this year too as India would remain a big buyer in 2022 too.Its impact on Indian Tur Price would be felt soon. Indian crop size too is below expectation  if we see the latest new arrival pace in Karnataka & Maharashtra.