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Sugar News - sugar exports have reached 37 lakh tonnes in 2021 22 season.
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sugar exports have reached 37 lakh tonnes in 2021-22 season.

Over 6.5 lakh tonnes of sugar has been physically exported out of the country by the end of November 2021 as compared to 3 lakh tonnes during the corresponding period last year. About 37 lakh tons of total sugar exports have been contracted for exports in the current sugar season 2021-22.  According to Indian Sugar Mills Association, most of these contracts were signed when the global sugar prices were in the range of 20-21 cents per pound of raw sugar.  Signing of further export contracts have slowed down a bit due to a fall in global prices of raw sugar to around 19 cents/pound. Though, currently the global prices have recovered to some extent and are hovering around 19.5 cents per pound, but exports are still not viable for Indian sugar.